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The New Guy was recently filmed in Austin, Texas. The movie was written by David Kendall, produced by Revolution Studios and directed by Ed Decter. Eliza plays the female lead opposite DJ Qualls. Variety states that Qualls portrays a senior in high school who ends up in jail. After serving his time, he tuns over a new leaf and starts attending the other high school in town. Everything is dandy until a foe reveals his past. Eliza's character is a cheerleader and a friend to Qualls. Trailers for the film appear before current comedic releases like Get Over It. In a recent appearance on MTV (Spring Break weekend) Qualls mentioned working with 'pretty ladies' and named his costars, including Eliza. Enter the contest to win a small speaking part in the movie!

Eliza is currently filming Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, a Kevin Smith film. She portrays "an aggressive jewel thief." There's a contest for that as well, for a non-speaking role. Keep tabs on the movie at newsaskew.

Soul Survivors is still slated for a 2001 release. The trailer for Survivors aired before Blair Witch 2: Book of Shadows, Dracula 2000 & Valentine. Visit the official Soul Survivors website. A trailer chock-full of club dancing is available at www.darkhorizons.com

Eliza may be in City by the Sea, a new movie from Beacon Communications and Universal. The script was written by Ken Hixon and the flick will be taped in New York. It would put Eliza back with Robert DeNiro and director Michael Caton-Jones, both of whom she previously worked with in This Boy's Life. The plot is based on a true story written in Esquire magazine: A murder investigation hits DeNiro's cop character too close to the home -- the killer is his son (portrayed by James Franco, Freaks and Geeks). Eliza would be Gina, Franco's girlfriend, mother of his son, and trying to stay sober.

Eliza is reportedly in negotiations to be a lead in Taking on the Neighborhood. This film would be via Francis Ford Coppola, American Zoetrope, Amy Talkington (possible director), and Helen Schulman (writer). Eliza's character begins a conflict between an Irish gang and a Latino gang without meaning to; everything spins out of control.

Rumors have been circulating about a sequel to True Lies for years, but over the past few months, the buzz has gotten even louder. The original starred Arh-nold as a spy; wife, Jamie Lee Curtis; daughter, Eliza Dushku; producer, James Cameron. In November, Leicester Mercury reported that Eliza will be in the sequel. Nothing is certain yet. We'll keep you posted.